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An Unforgettable Evening at El Portal

Weekends are a special time to take the family to dine out, gather friends for an evening of fun or to have a romantic dinner with your better half.

Usually our Chef and our Managers plan for that special evening with great food and drink specials with you in mind. If you are thinking of going out this weekend or even during the week for that matter, craving our authentic dishes, just give us a call….we will be happy to reserve a table for just the 2 of you or for a party of 20 or more.

Yes, we can do it! We can take your reservations up to one year in advance or just a few minutes before your arrival. It is as simple as dialing our number and we can be your partner in transforming a simple night into a very special one.

We are waiting to serve you a fantastic experience in our little hacienda thru our delicious specials or tradition Mexican fare.

We look forward to serving you!